The Prettiest Cemetery in Knoxville

Ready for the Spring

We have just completed planting about 1700 flowering bulbs in this small cemetery so can’t wait until spring arrives. We have never been a bulb fans because as the flowers are very beautiful when blooming – they only bloom for 2-3 weeks. A lot of work for 2-3 weeks of pretty flowers. However we studied and analyzed all the data on a spreadsheet to come up with a master plan to have flowers blooming from late winter all the way into summer. Different flowers bloom at different times so if you plan your garden around this – we should get an ever blooming garden. To top off the bulbs, we spread three packets of 14 different wildflower seeds throughout the garden so when the bulbs are finished by the end of spring – the summer wildflowers will kick in and provide blooms throughout the summer through to frost. Let’s see what happens in spring.

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