The Prettiest Cemetery in Knoxville

We have just completed planting about 1700 flowering bulbs in this small cemetery so can’t wait until spring arrives. We have never been a bulb fans because as the flowers are very beautiful when blooming – they only bloom for 2-3 weeks. A lot of work for 2-3 weeks of pretty flowers. However we studied Read More

No peace for the resting

A large storm hit one night a few years after living at Anderson Estate. The property had numerous large ‘Virginia Pines’ throughout the property which made us nervous as they tend to topple in such storms. A few large ones did come down that night. We were glad the house was not touched but the Read More

A deathly surprise

We were originally oblivious to the fact that a grave yard existed a short distance from our residence. The house was surrounded by a near impenetrable wall of vegetation when we first moved into the house. The photos below shows the grave yard before we started clearing the area. Perhaps you can see how we Read More


Historical Cemetery

Anderson Estate contains a historic cemetery that was used by the original family (the ‘Wells’) who owned Anderson Estate and the surrounding properties. Over the years, the cemetery became overgrown with vegetation and the boundary fence suffered damage due to falling trees. We intend to restore and beautify the cemetery in the years ahead.