Blooming Moon Flowers

I planted some Moon Flower seeds that Harlen Breeden gave me earlier this year but they didn’t come up – so I just put them to one side and ignored them. Well behold, a few weeks later…

Why did the Chicken cross the road?

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because it got out of its coop. Keeping them secure is just one of things we are considering in preparing for our first lot of chickens in 2017. As chickens are right at the bottom of the food chain – there is every predator known to man that Read More


We have two huge piles of garden debris to convert into compost for the gardens. However there is more to composting than meets the eye so we have stalled on this project until we decide on the location and design. One thing we have been struggling with is what to use to shred the debris Read More


Vegetable Farm

When we cleared the area for the greenhouse (which needs full sun) – we found we had created some sun for growing vegetables. We had never contemplated growing vegetables before as we had too much shade from the trees. However when you live on a hill, you don’t have much flat ground so this embarked Read More

Fruit Trees

Our first array into fruit trees was purely an impulse gesture. You see some cheap fruit trees at the market and thoughts of eating delicious fruit directly from the tree goes through your mind. However fruit trees need full sun to thrive and produce and when you live on a wooded property – this is Read More

Car post….

Test to see if this ‘car post’ will be positioned correctly….


The Prettiest Cemetery in Knoxville

We have just completed planting about 1700 flowering bulbs in this small cemetery so can’t wait until spring arrives. We have never been a bulb fans because as the flowers are very beautiful when blooming – they only bloom for 2-3 weeks. A lot of work for 2-3 weeks of pretty flowers. However we studied Read More

No peace for the resting

A large storm hit one night a few years after living at Anderson Estate. The property had numerous large ‘Virginia Pines’ throughout the property which made us nervous as they tend to topple in such storms. A few large ones did come down that night. We were glad the house was not touched but the Read More

A deathly surprise

We were originally oblivious to the fact that a grave yard existed a short distance from our residence. The house was surrounded by a near impenetrable wall of vegetation when we first moved into the house. The photos below shows the grave yard before we started clearing the area. Perhaps you can see how we Read More


Historical Cemetery

Anderson Estate contains a historic cemetery that was used by the original family (the ‘Wells’) who owned Anderson Estate and the surrounding properties. Over the years, the cemetery became overgrown with vegetation and the boundary fence suffered damage due to falling trees. We intend to restore and beautify the cemetery in the years ahead.