Fruit Trees

Our first array into fruit trees was purely an impulse gesture. You see some cheap fruit trees at the market and thoughts of eating delicious fruit directly from the tree goes through your mind. However fruit trees need full sun to thrive and produce and when you live on a wooded property – this is hard to achieve. I had previously cleared the cemetery of most of the trees so this was my sunniest spot on the property. I planted a couple of apple trees, a plum, an apricot and a fruit cocktail tree that had four types of fruit grafted onto the root stock. Although the soil was good, there still wasn’t enough sun so they survived but didn’t thrive. Since then I have transplanted them into huge growing pots in preparation to go into the food bowl area when ready. I also have two more fruit cocktail trees in the tree farm being nurtured for transplanting into the food bowl area in the coming months. Now that I have completed the Master Gardeners Course, I will be using these skills I learnt to properly care for these trees to ensure their success. Hopefully the next time I talk about these fruit trees – I will be showing you photos of me enjoying the fruits of my labor.

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