Greenhouse – 2015

I have always wanted a greenhouse but could never get comfortable with the decision as there is so much to understand about greenhouses that could turn out to be a disaster. I wanted a knowledgeable contractor to set me up with one to avoid all the mistakes. However it easier said than done. It is a very expensive way to go about it and never got confident with anyone I liked. There are hundreds of kits available but it is a DIY system. So what I needed was a kit supplier that I trusted who I could work with me through the process and hold my hand and answer all of my questions. I found this in Solexx out of Oregon. Winter was coming in fast and needed lots of plants to be winterized so I bit the bullet and ordered the largest model they offered. They said it would take 2-3 guys a full weekend to erect. Well maybe for experienced guys. It took my son & me almost two months to finally have it fully erected on site. However a greenhouse will need power and water to operate so this this was another month to get this professionally installed. By this time the winter season was over but just in time to propagate flower & vegetable seedlings. As soon as the spring arrived I was having trouble keeping the greenhouse cool enough so the plants did not get cooked. I brought a shade cloth to go over the greenhouse which helped. However by early summer, some areas of the greenhouse were cooking the plants even though I had all four doors open, automatic extraction fans and vents, solar powered ventilating vents, circulating fans and 10 base vents. This is when I had to completely empty the greenhouse of all the plants and kept them nearby in a semi shady area. In 2017 I will be adding an automatic misting system to the greenhouse which I think will keep it cool enough to solve the problem.

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