Greenhouse Photos – 2015-2016

Starting in late 2016 and finishing in early 2016, the greenhouse became a much larger project than originally anticipated. It has paid off though as we can now keep some plants that would not normally handle a Tennessee winter.


Greenhouse – 2015

We have a number of plants that are not suited to the colder months that we get here in Knoxville. To combat that issues it was decided that we needed a greenhouse which we started mid 2015. The project dragged out longer than expected but we got there in the end. It worked very well at keeping the plants warm though the remaining colder periods but we have been unable to keep it cool enough through summer.


Goodyear blimp flyby

Had an interesting visitor in September 2016. The Good Year Blimp was seen flying around for a few days for some Knoxville events. We had close views of her at different times during the day.


Hummingbird down

Until October, hummingbirds are regular visitors at the Anderson household. They are truly amazing creatures to watch. They appear to have no fear of people, probably see us in moving in slow motion we imagine, but sometimes being so fearless can come at a cost. A hummingbird flew through the front door, into the house, and ran into a window in its attempt to exit the building.


Max has a new name

We were sad to hear of the passing away of our neighbour, Creed who was involved in a tragic road accident recently. A great guy by all who knew him. One individual who will miss him in particular is his dog Gumbo.


Bees of Anderson Estate

After learning of the plight bees currently face, we decided to purchase some hives. There is certainly no shortage of flowers for the bees to feed upon. In 2015 we purchased two hives and started on a steep learning curve to know all we need to know about maintaining healthy bee colonies and potentially harvesting the honey they produce.


Picnic Area Trail

A nice picnic area is located off the lower front trail. Unfortunately it was always hidden from the main garden area and because of this, we feel it has never been as utilized as much as it could be. To address this, we have decided to add another trail with stairs directly to the picnic area. Hopefully this will make it far more accessible.